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Empowering community members to pursue lifelong learning

Since 1982, the Monty Tech School of Continuing Education, now known as Monty Tech Nites, has provided affordable, accessible career training and lifelong learning opportunities to people in our region. Our programs in the Electrical, Plumbing, and Medical fields offer students expert instruction from industry professionals, the most current practices in each field, and an opportunity to practice their skills in a supportive model workplace. These programs are designed to propel graduates into industry and support them in their pursuit of self-sufficiency.


In addition to our trades training, we are committed to the concept of lifelong learning for all ages, offering a variety of personal enrichment courses to help participants explore their creativity, develop new interests, and practice fitness and wellness. Whether you are just beginning your career or looking to develop new interests, Monty Tech Nites welcomes you to our community of learners!

no cOST

For Eligible applicants, Career Level Training at No Cost!


Taking Appointments October - June

By appointment only

Contact 978-345-9200 x5220 to book!

We’re Looking for Instructors!

Monty Tech Continuing Education is looking for talented Adult Education Instructors. We have opportunities within our program to share hobbies or skills with the community. We would love to add instructors to include, but are not limited to:






Oil Burner Tech Exam Prep



We would be happy to explain instructor responsibilities, expectations, and compensation!

Want to Propose a Course?

We love expanding our Continuing Education offerings! We welcome your course proposals and an updated resume to

Questions? Give us a call!

978.345.9200 x5220


Please include:

Your full name

Email & Phone Number

Course Title & Description

How many classes and the dates

How long classes will run (ex: 5PM - 7PM)

Required materials/books

Prerequisites - if applicable


Maggie Reilly
Cosmetology Graduate

“The School of Continuing Education at Monty Tech has allowed me to pursue my dream of becoming a Cosmetologist while still being able to work full time. Without the flexibility and affordability that this program offered, I’m not confident I would’ve been able to do it. I recommend this program to anyone looking to pursue a career in cosmetology, - you will not regret it!”


Katie Sullivan

“My journey at Monty Tech started at 14 years old when I got my acceptance letter. As a freshman I knew I had to be in Graphics. When I graduated I knew I had to come back as a teacher. Returning as a teacher I knew there was more I could do to help serve the community. It brings me immense joy to be working side by side with the School of Continuing Education as both an instructor and a designer.”


Sawyer Johnson
Plumbing Graduate

"I believe attending Monty Tech both for high school and after was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It's allowed me to succeed in a field that I otherwise never would've known I had a passion for. Being able to acquire the skills and knowledge to succeed in my industry all in one place is both helpful and convenient. It's always been a pleasure dealing with the staff. I can't recommend this school highly enough."

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